Complete Repair is a rare find. The founder of the business and Senior Mechanic, Romar Guardia, is a family man who actually cares about helping people as much as he cares about running a profitable business. Many businesses say, “We care!” At AutoTechniko, these are not just words – they are our motivation for doing a good job (and careful job) every day, on every vehicle.


Another phrase that you’ve heard before. But we are talking about the safety of your automobile and especially, your tires. The commercial says “there’s a lot riding on your tires”, and it’s true. However, people spend far more time on things that are not important without ever thinking about their tires. Worn treads, tires that are not aligned well, and improper inflation (tire pressure that is too low or too high) can cause an unexpected flat or worse yet—a blowout.

The flat could happen at night in an unlit or unsafe place. The blowout could happen on I-95 and unfortunately, could lead to a serious or even fatal accident. Tire blowouts are responsible for thousands of serious accidents in Florida each year.

Quality Promise

WE ARE THE “SOUTH FLORIDA SAFETY SPECIALISTS” and we look forward to serving you.

With every driver and every vehicle brought to our shop, we promise to only recommend and do repairs that are necessary; to always charge a fair price; and to always perform our work with care and concern for the driver, our customer.

About Romar Guardia:
He has worked for a major dealership doing repairs, as well as having worked at Firestone and Goodyear. He is a front-end specialist and has done countless alignments (which help your tires last longer and ride more safely). The auto repair shop is licensed and insured and handles ALL MAKES AND MODELS, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. With an on-site luxury car specialist! Bring your vehicle to us and be treated fairly and honestly by experienced mechanics you can trust.

My family and I have been coming here forever. Fair prices and treat all customers with respect.

Allysa, Honda Odyssey

I appreciate that they take their time to explain what needs to be done in a way that I can understand.

Brian, Toyota 4Runner